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What about this? What about that? Recycle hit list for those miscellaneous items

Reduce Reuse Recycle
Reduce Reuse Recycle

So you are a good recycler but what about those other items not accepted by the city or county program. Not to worry, here is a quick initial hit list for those miscellaneous items you are just not sure what to do with.

Bottle caps: Aveda haircare recently launched their Recycle Caps program which encourages individuals and schools to take bottle caps, shampoo caps, ketchup caps or any type of threaded cap to an Aveda location and they will repurpose into new caps and containers.  Where? Jade Salon located at the Shops at Friendly Center.

Makeup containers: Through Origins, you can bring old makeup tubes, jars and bottles (any brand) to an Origins counter and they will recycle or use for energy recovery.  Where? Belk Department Stores at Friendly and Four Seasons Mall.

Eyeglasses: With over 250 million people suffering from poor vision worldwide, you can donate your old eyewear to OneSight and they’ll make sure it gets to someone in need.  Where? Sunglass Hut, LensCrafters at Friendly Center and Four Seasons and Sears Optical at Friendly Center.

Packing Peanuts: With holiday packages arriving daily, many of us may have a surplus of styrofoam peanuts.  To help us out, the Plastic Loose Fill Council offers over 1500 drop-off sites so that these things can be reused again. Also, any Kinko’s Fed Ex, UPS Stores or other pack and ship locations are good places to recycle.

We are fortunate in Greensboro to have many of these locations in close proximity so with a little planning, these drop offs can be quick and easy for both us and the environment.

What else gives you trouble? Let us hear from you and we’ll keep adding to this list.