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What About Kabob is not to like?

Shots of the staff and dining room of What About Kabobs & His Gyros in Tyler.
Shots of the staff and dining room of What About Kabobs & His Gyros in Tyler.
Tish McGuire

Wowee. Loved my first trip to What About Kabob & His Gyros last week. I've only heard great things about this place, and after trying the pita chips and hummus at a party the night before, I had to get over to their quaint and quirky location on Loop 323 (near Brookside Dr.) and try it for myself.

The staff at What About Kabobs have a great sense of humor.
Tish McGuire

When you walk in to WAK (my acronym, not necessarily theirs), you are immediately greeted by everyone behind the counter. The staff seems to enjoy their work and one another's company, and they appear genuinely pleased to see customers walk in the door! Novel!

Once we ordered, the staff worked quickly to get us our fresh gyros in just a few minutes. Of course, with all of the fun stuff to look at (like the framed vinyl record from John Travolta Sings, circa 1976), we didn't mind the wait at all.

I went for The O.G (The Original Gyro, $5.99--$6.49 with cheese), which is a huge, yummy pita stuffed with beef, lamb, lettuce, red onion and tomato--definitely large enough to make into two meals (or to share), which is always a plus with me. My husband got the same, and we also split an order of hummus and pita chips for $3.99. So for about 20 bucks, we were able to eat two meals. (I was a little skeptical about eating my gyro right out of the fridge the next day, but at my husband's urging, I did. Not bad cold either!)

One other thing I really appreciated was the cleanliness of the restaurant. Though there were only a couple of other patrons there while we were, the staff wasn't goofing off or leaning on the counters--they were busy sweeping floors and wiping counters.

So what about you, Tyler? What's your favorite item on the menu? Be sure to leave a comment with your own opinions, and for more info on What About Kabob, or to check out their full menu, visit their website or Facebook page. Peace, love, kabobs!