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What a wonderful world it would be!

Columbia Biblical Studies: Monday, August 25
Columbia Biblical Studies: Monday, August 25
Dawn Hudson

Today’s bible study is Jude 1:20-21: Dear friends, by building yourselves up in your most holy faith and praying in the Holy Spirit, keep yourselves in God's love as you wait for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ to bring you to eternal life.

Our faith is not something that we can take for granted. We cannot become complacent and say, “I’ve been baptized. I read the bible once in a while and say grace at meals,” and think that our work is done. Just like a tender child or a delicate flower, our faith must be carefully and lovingly tended day by day, hour by hour and minute by minute. If we do not continue to build it up, it will surely decline and, eventually crumble.

Each day we need to be certain that we have done what is necessary to continue building and rebuilding our faith by meditation, thanksgiving, confession and communion n with God. We choose many different ways to do this. Some of us do it in a chapel or sanctuary, others on a beach or in a vineyard. Some of us prefer to renew our faith with others, while some of us would rather do so alone. In the silence of early morning, just before the sunrise has reached its peak, is my time to feel the closest to the Almighty.

And we want and need to keep ourselves in God’s love all of the time. God knows that we are human and that we are far from perfect. He knows that we forget, we hurt others, we stumble and fall, and we break His holy laws. Yet God loves us. His love is unconditional and He often reminds us that all we need do is answer the door when He knocks. If we let the love of God into our hearts and our souls, we will have an unconditional, all-encompassing love that surpasses any other love we might know. It is a love with no price, no penalty, no possibility of betrayal and never unrequited. It is the love that comes only through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

They we are told that we must wait for the mercy of Jesus to bring us to eternal life. But our lives here on earth are just as important in God’s grand scheme for us. We are here for a reason, not a simple accident of human biology. We are here to learn, to love and to work. We are here to journey, to grow and to follow Jesus. We are here to right wrongs, change injustices and declaim intolerance. And, yes, we are also here to be happy, to be prosperous and joyful. We are here, possibly above all else, to fulfill the great commandment of love one another. What a wonderful world it would be if everyone tried their very best to do this.

References: The People’s New Testament Commentary by M. Eugene Boring and Fred B. Craddock, The MacArthur Bible Commentaryby John MacArthur, Concise Bible Commentary, David S. Dockery, General Editor

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