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What a man wants

Women are always looking for the secret to understanding men. You are searching in magazines, and conducting research studies trying to find the answer. Most women think that the answer is intricate and complicated. In actuality, men are simple and they often tell women this fact frequently. After all of the preliminaries of finding a mate are established, all men really want is respect and sex.

It sounds easy enough right? If so, why is it so difficult for women to understand these simple concepts? It’s because you keep thinking that it’s something deeper. Instead of accepting the irrevocable truth, many women put too much energy into planning date night and romantic get—aways. While these things can help to revive the romance, it is not the essence of what men really want. Honestly, it is what women really want.

In this day and age, women want it all—a thriving career and a fulfilling marriage with children. Did it ever occur to you that because you’re also trying to be super woman, you’re too tired to put energy into intimacy? Fatigue and stress also produces irritability, which in turn can cause you to lose your temper easily.

On the other hand, it is okay to have goals, dreams, wants and needs. However, it is vital to be aware of your partner’s needs as well as your own. In actuality, many times disrespectful behavior and mediocre bedroom performance is due to selfishness. Of course, this is certainly not always the case, but true in many healthy relationships. If you are concerned about reviving the romance in your relationship, it may be because you have been preoccupied with your emotional needs instead of the needs of your mate. Sadly enough, even when your man has unintentionally hurt your feelings you subconsciously or consciously become disrespectful and withhold sex.

This is not to condone mens' insensitivity, but to point out the importance of learning to deal with your own emotions. If you are a modern woman, you are independent in every area, so why not independently deal with your emotions. The way that you deal with your emotions, depends on the severity of your emotional dilemma.

For instance, if you are having angry outbursts or fits of rage, you need a therapist. Find a therapist that has similar values. For example, if you are a Christian, you may want to contact WellSpring at the other hand, if your relationship is not producing emotional stress but you desire to have a more satisfying and fulfilling relationship, you could benefit from hiring a relationship life coach. However, if you don’t have the time or financial resources for that option, you can contact for a personal development consultation or free coaching session.

Regardless of how you decide to proceed with handling your emotional needs, you must make a conscious effort to give him what he wants. The essence of love is sacrifice. In other words, if you really love him, at times you must put his needs before your own. If you truly love your man, give him what he wants. If you withhold what he needs, not only are you hurting him, but you are hurting yourself. It could lead to a broken heart for you depending on how he reacts to your behavior. Moreover, if you have decided to become one with him, when he hurts, you should hurt. If you no longer feel this way, you have some serious decisions to make. Regardless, while you are still a couple, give him what he wants. Now that you understand, you have no excuse but to give your man what he wants.


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