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What a guys eating habits can tell you



All us females hate it.  The slurps, the burps, the annoying eating habits that guys tend to let loose when he's around his boys or worse yet, when he becomes a little too comfortable with you. Dr. Belisa Vranich (graduate of NYU-relationship and sex psychologist) helps us decode our guys' eating habits.

He holds his utensils like a caveman: Vranich implies that since no one has cured his of this habit (not his mother and certainly not any past girlfriends) he's clearly not used to getting feedback from women and if he is, he is most definitely not listening to it.  If he won't listen to simple advice from women, like how to hold a knife and fork like a gentleman, he'll mostly likely not listen to anything important you have to say.

Wolfing down food: Vranich says that if he eats too fast, (aka finishes his food way before you do) being in sync and savoring your relationship may not be priorities to him.  Honestly, not sure if I agree with this one-some people are just fast eaters and it has nothing to do with how he feels about you.

Chewing too loudly: Vranich says if he chews too loudly, he's oblivious to the way other people react to his behavior.  This could be a character trait in the kitchen as well as out.  Not being conscious of how his behavior can affect others shows you that he may just be a tad bit selfish. 

So ladies, next time you're having lunch with your crush, look for these signs of eating.  Who knows, the way they eat could help you decode personality traits you never knew existed.