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What a friend you can have in Jesus

some will risk all to know Jesus
some will risk all to know Jesus
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If someone can say their best friend is their pet then there is nothing wrong with you saying your best friend is Jesus. Society has a way of playing with our emotions making us believe that its somewhat socially unacceptable to make this kind of declaration but this country was built on the understanding that it is one nation under God and its a great honor and privilege to say I choose Jesus to be a best friend.

Friends come and friends may go but best friends tend to have great lasting power. As the world becomes a global melting pot the need to send out messages of great hope increases. The dynamics of friendships change and what is learned is not everyone has the opportunity to create lasting bonds with other people for whatever reason.

There are people in other parts of this world who are willing to lose their life for the opportunity to say they love the Lord Jesus and in this land we call America there is freedom to choose who you will worship and what God you choose to praise. Not everyone has the privilege but choose him and choose him despite the burden loving and praising him will bring to their lives.

Too often, these days, people tend to live behind their computer monitors forgetting to build concrete bonds with other human beings. There is a disconnect about the importance of building those ever important connections beyond the small world of the internet.

Jesus can be a soothing reliever of loneliness. He can be the one thing that fills a void where a human being may be absent. The one reassurance Jesus brings to the table is he is always present when yo call on him. When you accept him into your life as your Lord and Savior your initial obligation to receive his blessing is done.

What Jesus brings to your life is a great sense of peace. He is a friend that won't forsake you, leave you, or disappoint you. He is a great listener and even a greater redeemer. When you find him there is a light that begins to illuminate in your life letting his love shine through into your heart, mind, and spirit. Take that step and ask him to be your Lord and Savior and always remember that for the rest of your life He can be the best friend you've ever had.

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