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What has Senator Dan Soucek done ?

According to the webpage regarding Senator Dan Soucek he has accomplished several things in Raleigh. They highlight : " Passed major education reforms to strengthen student literacy, improve graduation rates, reward effective teachers and give parents tools to make better informed decisions about their children’s education. We increased accountability in the classroom by employing teachers through contracts that are renewed based on job performance. And we continued our commitment to implementing a pay for excellence system by including $10.2 million to fund annual pay raises for the most effective teachers. Approved bipartisan legislation to spur our economy by tapping into North Carolina’s abundant energy resources. The Domestic Energy Jobs Act is a comprehensive energy bill that paves the way for a flourishing onshore and offshore energy sector."

So who is Senator Dan Soucek ? According to his most recent bio it states : " Dan has spent the last 20 years of his life serving our country and his community in leadership positions.Upon graduating from West Point in 1991, he was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in Army Aviation. During his more than eight years on active duty, he served in a variety of leadership positions culminating as the Company Commander of the International Student Office at Ft. Rucker Alabama. His achievements include qualification in the AH-1 Cobra and UH-1 Huey helicopters, Airborne and Air Assault qualified, AH-1 Top Gun Award recipient, and Iron Aviator triathlon champion.After resigning his commission in 1999 he moved to Boone, North Carolina to assume the role of Young Life Area Director for Watauga, Ashe and Avery counties. In 2004 he began working as the Asia Regional Director for Operation Christmas Child at Samaritan’s Purse.His time in the Army, with Young Life and Samaritan’s Purse have given him many opportunities to serve his community as well as reach out to the impoverished and needy around the world. His duties and assignments have allowed him to work with the U.S. State Department, General Officers and religious leaders from many countries, international business leaders, and governments at all levels from customs officials to Governors, a Prime Minister, and a King."

So what is State Senator Dan Soucek doing in Raleigh currently? Here you can find the most recent bills he has been working on in Raleigh : .

Here are some issues he is stressing : Increasing Access to Career and Technical Education

Setting up a Structured English Immersion Education Program

You can read the bill on the Structured English Immesion Education Program at : .

So Dan Soucek is working in Raleigh on a number of issues. He is working on job training and education as key components for North Carolina's future.

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