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Blue whale capsizes boat: In matter of seconds passengers flipped into water

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A 23-foot commercial fishing vessel was capsized when a blue whale came out of nowhere and slammed into the boat. This happened off the coast of San Diego. The unbelievable event came as a surprise to the two boaters who report seeing two whales come up from behind the boat and the next thing they knew they were in the water, according to “Fox and Friends” on Thursday morning July 3.

One of the men on board is a wildlife photographer who happened to be taking pictures at the time the whales flipped their boat. Dale Frinks said he knows he looks ridiculous still taking pictures while falling in the water, but he thinks he may be proud of himself for getting the shots, according to News 10 on July 2.

A nearby boater called the Coast Guard around noon to tell them that he just witnessed two men flipped into the water after a whale hit their boat. Apparently the other boat saw only one of the whales, but the men who were flipped into the water believe they saw two blue whales.

That boat fished the men out of the water and brought them back to land. The Coast Guard is investigating the incident, according to the L.A. Times.

Frinks was asked the size of the whale and how big the whale’s mouth was and he said “feels like we could have fit that truck over there inside of it.” He said this to the media while pointing to a truck in the distance.

The boat was upside down in the water and the Coast Guard notified a commercial salvage vessel to come out and right the boat, (turn it back upright). The Coast Guard would not comment about the men’s mishap, but they did say they were monitoring the distress calls coming from the nearby vessel and they were at the ready to respond if they were needed.

The boaters were fine once pulled out of the water and this event gave them a whale of a tale to share! The men believed it was two whales, probably blue whales that flipped their boat.