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Whales Canadian towns: Three whales burst? Explosion concerns over methane gas

Three whales near a small number of Canadian towns scattered alongside the coast are causing quite a large, smelly, and explosive problem. Some residents fear that these massive blue whale carcasses might in fact burst in the near future, as concerns over the big buildup of methane gas in their bodies grow, all of which could lead to a dangerous explosion. News Max reveals this Thursday, May 1, 2014, that while the issue may not sound very threatening at first, with these whale carcasses weighing dozens of tons and reaching over 80 feet long, the danger is in fact quite real.

Photo of a sperm whale carcass on the Canadian beach
Facebook, Wikimedia Commons

Word of the looming threat and the whales Canadian towns trouble came about after citizens contacted local officials for assistance at the sight of the massive, stinking whale carcasses washing ashore. Those along the Newfoundland coast soon realized that these dead animals, with their giant sizes and tremendous girths, have only become more of a hazard as the methane gas continues to build up within their bodies each passing day.

According to the press release, these three whales are just a trio of nine dead sea creatures that were discovered early this April 2014. The blue whales are believed to have perished in the middle of a big feeding spree when they were suddenly killed by the shifting of immensely heavy ice. Although most washed back into the sea to decompose without incident, these three sad sights are now rotting on dry land.

The report on the “whales Canadian towns” problem, shares CNN this afternoon, says that the Department of Fisheries and Oceans has decreed it is in fact on the shoulders of the nearby towns to get rid of the whales. Nonetheless, the officials in Canada have noted that bringing the heavy whales back into the water could easily create a transportation and navigation issue.

What might make these three dead blue whales burst and explode, though? The buildup of methane gas is the problem, and it has been proven that these animals suddenly bursting can be violent, encompassing, and dangerous. A local research scientist has added that the animal itself poses a safety threat even if it does not explode, due to the possibility of a passerby falling inside, or others catching any of its germs and bacteria.

“If someone were to walk along, say, the chin — that is full of all that gas — they could fall in the whale,” Jack Lawson told the Post. “The insides will be liquefied. Retrieving them would be very difficult. I have fallen through the side of a whale up to my chest. It’s not very nice. And if the animal is up against the shore and there are waves battering it, and it’s moving, then you can imagine what would happen if it rolled over onto a child.”

The blue whales are also “full of diseases,” concluded the scientist. What is to be done about the sad sea animal situation these Canadian towns are facing is still being deliberated by health and city officials.

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