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Whaler Nation TV is leading the Whalers brigade back to Hartford

After about 75 shows and two studios Whaler Nation TV has become one of the most watched shows on Nutmeg Television. It’s the show that generates the most viewer calls to the station.

Last May Jerry and Peter filmed an episode of 'Keep Calm and Hartford On', with H.Y.P.E. at the Old State House in Hartford, Connecticut.
Hartford Young Professionals and Entrepreneurs, H.Y.P.E

The number one reason for those calls?

People call to say they are seeing too many repeats and they are hoping new shows are going to air soon.

Jerry Erwin and Peter Hindle have always had a vision for Hartford, part of that vision was a reality at one time. They have created a show that promotes Hartford while striving to return the NHL back to Hartford. They believe Hartford will be a major league city again and they are far from alone. The idea and makeup for the show was literally a start from the ground floor. All they had for assets were their Whalers memorabilia and an idea.

They decided to start a public access show strictly for the purpose of uniting and reigniting the Whaler fan base. They both believe in the city and definitely believe in Connecticut as a viable NHL market. Since 2011 just about every other week they have created a half hour show dedicated to the Whalers and any happenings in Hartford. The two have recruited an impressive list of guests who have volunteered to come on our show.

*Dennis House - WFSB channel 3

*Howard Baldwin - former owner Hartford Whalers

*David Panagore - Mayor's Chief Operating Officer(2011)

*Oz Griebel - Metro Hartford Alliance Chief Executive Officer

*Chris Lawrence - General Manager Xl Center and Rentschler Field

*Herm Sorcher - Owner of the Danbury Whalers

*Paul Doyle - Hartford Courant Sports

*Greg Gilmartin - Hartford Whalers Public Address Announcer

*Jack Lardis - Art Director Hartford Whalers logo

*Peter Good - Designer Hartford Whalers logo

*Jim Gosgrove - Owner of Salute' restaurant, Hartford

*Bob Crawford - Radio voice of the Hartford Wolf Pack

I wish I could list all the guests but there are so many more and, thankfully, there has been no shortage at all. The show's guests, volunteers, producers, station managers and Nutmeg Television have all been vary gracious with their time. The show would not exist without them.

The participation from guests coming on the show and braving Route 4 rush hour traffic has been outstanding. Not every Whaler Nation TV show is filmed in Nutmeg Television's Farmington studio. Currently Whaler Nation TV has shows lined up at seven downtown restaurants and businesses. They have filmed in Hartford a couple of times already. The Hartford business owners have been extremely generous and patient as the show usually is recorded live during business hours. February 9 of this year, Governor Malloy said on WFSB's 'Face the State' that he was, "Going to take a shot.", regarding the NHL for Hartford. At the same time Whaler Nation TV was setting up a set to do a show in Salute' restaurant on Trumbull Street. There was a good crowd on hand as always but more than 25 people came in to watch the show live.

After the shows air on Nutmeg Television, Wednesday nights at 8:30p.m., they are placed on Whaler Nation TV's You Tube channel: '1 Team 1 Dream'. Not every show has been loaded there but the channel has over 5,000 views on the shows that are currently available. More shows are in the works to be uploaded soon, public access is great because it is free but it is also a little slow some times, as resources and equipment can be hard to come by.

The news is very positive for Hartford lately and the amount of potential projects combined with a new arena plan or a completely renovated XL Center is attracting attention state wide. If Whaler Nation TV has taught us anything it is certainly that Hartford is not the dark horse it once was to attracting an NHL team, and hopefully we will see the Whalers again.

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