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Whale's tail smacks woman in head: Whale slap video goes viral

A whale’s tail smacks a woman in the head when it breaches near her boat. This whale watching trip ended with a woman getting smacked across her head and it was caught on video, which has gone viral today, according to “Fox and Friends” live on Wednesday morning Feb. 26.

Whale slaps woman in head with tale during a whale watching trip.
YouTube screen shot

As Yahoo News mentions this morning, “whale watching can be a contact sport,” which is evident by this video. This is a rare occurrence, but with all the technology that allows your phone to make a video or to take a picture, more and more of these odd occurrences are caught on tape.

A group of students went on a whale watching voyage off the coast of the Baja Peninsula. They wanted to observe these humongous creatures up close. They not only got to observe them up close, but one woman on the trip felt the power of the whale’s tail as it whacked her in the head.

The video was posted on YouTube along with the news that the woman “was fine” following the slap. The caption for the video was “Chelsea got smacked in the head by a whale's tail."
You can see the video above.

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