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Whale graffiti may be linked to local fraternity

A case of whale graffiti in Atlantic City has many shaking their heads. A minke whale was found Thursday after it washed up under Central Pier and it had purple spray paint on it that seemed to reflect the Greek lettering of a local fraternity. Press of Atlantic City shared the details.

Whale graffiti is garnering headlines
Screencap via HuffPost video

Authorities have noted that the whale graffiti does not seem to be related to gang symbols at all. Rather, the lettering seems to be tied to a local fraternity. ABC News notes that the lettering appears to say Tau Epsilon Phi, a fraternity that has a presence at several local schools. It also appears that the number “94” was included in the whale graffiti.

Authorities have not specifically tied the whale graffiti to any Tau Epsilon Phi local chapters. A spokesperson for the fraternity says that it is cooperating with the investigation into the incident and considers the graffiti to be a "reprehensible act.”

A state pathologist will be working to determine the cause of death for the minke whale, though having a whale wash up in the area is not entirely uncommon. The whale graffiti, however, is a bit out of the norm.

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