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Whale graffiti: Frat kids suspected of spraying graffiti on dead whale in Jersey

Whale graffiti isn't really a "thing" but for some vandals in New Jersey, it seemed like a cool thing to do. According to The Wall Street Journal, a roughly 12 to 15-foot-long whale was found below Atlantic City’s Central Pier. On the whale's dead body was purple writing that looked like Greek letters -- could fraternity members be responsible for this.

According to The Associated Press, the letters looked like "Tau Epsilon Phi" followed by the number 94. With several local schools having "Tau Epsilon Phi" chapters, it's possible that whoever did this is actual a New Jersey college student.

The whale graffiti is only part of the news story in this case. Researchers don't know how the minke whale died. A pathologist and other scientists arrived at the scene to inspect the whale and run various tests to try and find answers. Along with the whale was a dolphin, also dead on the shore. The dolphin, however, was not a victim of graffiti.

As for what's going to become of the whale carcass, authorities had a plan to bury the animal near the boardwalk. This decision (though it's unclear if it's final), angered locals because they worried about the smell in the summer.

More on the whale graffiti in the video above.

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