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Whack some Fish...

coin fishing
coin fishing
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

it was a tough week of fishing for coins. There was one prized fish, a 1940 S wheat ear lincoln cent. in almost uncirculated condition, worth 20 to 40 bucks on the market. It has to be graded and officially registered. That is like when you catch a great fish, have to pay the taxidermist. In coins, we have to pay the grading services and get it a nice acrylic case. And remember not to clean your coins with brass cleaner, silver cleaner, semi-chrome polish or any other chemical. it ruins the value of the coin.

I set aside some nice coinfish for the far future. 2014-D dimes and cents. In one hundred years they will be worth a few dollars. Now just face value. A 1992 one cent coin from Barbados was caught in the net. In excellent condition. Has a fish on the left and a pelican on the right. Shield with a tree in the middle, knight's helmet on top with a raised fist above that holding a scroll or scepture. Obverse is a three pronged trident and the words one cent. It may only be worth a penny now, but 100 years this fish will easily fetch ten bucks at market. This is the kind we fishermen catch and save a long time. It is up to the state you live in, how much commerce traffic they get. I often find Canadian coins and French coins in my change.

Caught and set aside for future value, were 4 nice almost uncirculated quarters, Two Shenandoah 2014 -D reverses and one U.S. Virgin Islands 2009-P not quite as shinny as the shens. Last catch was a Mount Rushmore 2013-D. Fifth catch was a bicentennial quarter in fine condition. Many millions of them minted, in time it might be worth 50 cents. It is really a long haul to hang on to one of them. But it was caught, and now is mounted. Keep fishing and good luck.