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'WGN Morning News' chopper spots a Hulk statue and comic book fan flexes muscles

According to Tuesday, the "WGN Morning News" TV show was covering the suburbs during the Chicago floods. Then, a statue of the Incredible Hulk distracted news anchors as a comic book fan ran out into the back yard and flexed near the green beast. This is typically a display piece usually found in comic book stores or conventions.

Concept art of Black Widow and The Incredible Hulk for 'Avengers 2' movie
Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios and Walt Disney Studios, used with permission

The anchors got great laughs out of the scene as one anchor declared the flood being too afraid to encroach onto this man's property. After seeing this, locals may even think that the homeowner was keeping the statue for the time being after the Chicago Wizard World Comic Con that occurred last weekend or they could simply own it and using it to "keep up with the Jones."

The Hulk is actually a member of the Avengers team of heroes and some may have seen him join the ranks of the Black Widow, Iron Man, Hawkeye, and Thor. This character was played once before by Edward Norton and now is currently making an appearance in Joss Whedon's "Avengers: Age of Ultron" and portrayed by Mark Rufflalo.

The floods spanned from suburban Chicago to the city as well as areas in Indiana as well. Closures on Eden Expressway were prominent and this happened going in both directions. There had been elevated spots of free standing water. Northwest Indiana seemed to have been greatly impacted as they had taken on up to five inches of rain in some areas.

Keep an eye out for The Incredible Hulk and his friends as the film is scheduled to be released come May 1, 2015.

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