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WG Productions- New video startup in Western Mass looking for members

WG Productions

We are passing on this press release from Walter Gonet that explains the mission of his new WG Productions.

Thout WG Productions does not specifically have a facebook or web page, you can keep informed at VIDEOMAKERS.

WG Productions

We are looking for people to become members and a start up company of WG Productions (Windows of Goodness Films). The vision of the newly established non-profit film company includes creating visual media that will engage, entertain, and nourish audiences. Its screenplays will address difficult moral issues and matters of spirituality in order to raise awareness and hope and to challenge the moral values of the audience.
More specifically, we plan to produce a variety of film genre that:
● Creatively projects faithfulness of the teachings to the Bible
● Entertains and informs people of all faiths
● Reaches out to and inspires children, teenagers and adults of all ages
● Provides awareness of moral and social values.
Windows of Goodness Films’ inaugural production will be Silver Spoon written by Phyllis Vaccaro Jordan and directed by Tyler Geis. The script confronts the issue of materialism and its impact on relations with family, friends and oneself. Manny and Jessica meet their friends Chris and Heather at a local casino for a night of friendly gambling. While waiting for room at the Black Jack tables and slot machines,the two couples enjoy drinks and conversation at the casino bar. Their teenage children and their relationships with them become a topic focus. Thanks to their economic prosperity, Manny and Jessica readily buy everything and anything they and their children want. Chris and Heather are more family oriented. Helping their children develop their faith in God and an understanding of their neighbors’ needs as a priority. Through discussion about the two couples’ children, Chris and Heather help Manny and Jessica begin to understand that there are more important things than money. The underlying message is that we cannot serve both God and Wealth and that we need to consider where one places his Treasure.
If you find these goals enticing and you are skilled in camera, audio,directing, producing, promoting, writing, or interested in being a member of the Production Company, then contact Walter Gonet at for more information and to have your name put on the mailing list. An informational video production meeting will be scheduled soon.
Maybe we can work together to provide good quality videos and films.

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