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WFP trucks bringing food into Gaza

photo of previous distribution of WFP food into Gaza
photo of previous distribution of WFP food into Gaza
WFP/Eman Mohammed

The UN World Food Programme (WFP) said yesterday that deliveries of food for the hungry are moving into Gaza again. WFP said that the limited opening of the Kerem Shalom crossing had reduced its distribution to only five truckloads of food during the eight days of conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

WFP says that six trucks arrived into Gaza on Monday and nine more trucks would arrive on Tuesday and Wednesday ensuring food distributions for the needy through December. The UN food agency is determined to maintain its regular food distributions to impoverished households. WFP sponsors a school feeding program in Gaza as part of its regular relief work in the territory.

A food security assessment is also being carried out in Gaza to determine the very latest humanitarian needs resulting from the conflict. WFP may need extra resources pending the outcome of the assessment.

WFP, in coordination with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, says it has provided canned tuna and bread to conflict victims forced to take refuge in schools. In addition WFP has "provided 4,800 people whose homes had been destroyed with the same emergency food ration, sufficient to last for ten days."