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The WFMZ Winter poetry utility.
The WFMZ Winter poetry utility.

WMFZ's award-winning Channel 69 News is no doubt one of the most important outlets for local news in the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas. The channel, and now the website,, has developed a unique rapport with the community through its local focus. People tune in or click to check for school closings, local weather, and interesting news. Now the website is offering something fun and new--a make your own winter poetry section.

Poetry is something people often neglect in their hectic lives. They view it as a decadence, a pleasantry with no applicability to life. Poetry, however, can be and, usually is, the opposite. Poetry expresses what it means to be human. When a poet writes, he or she tries to express the feelings and actions that define his or her life. Written verse is really a great way for someone to express him or herself. So when 69 News, a news service, proposed a write-your-own poetry tool, it was a surprise.

Next time you're on, looking at the weather forecast, check out the poetry tool. Poetry is such a great way, even in the magnets-on-the-fridge way, of expressing oneself; it is truly an outlet. Some of the winter poetry words include “snowy”, “hot chocolate, “snowmobile”, and even “hypothermia”. On the website one drags the magnetic words into beautiful poetic combinations. Winter memories are often some of the most cherished, this way they can be immortalized through creative online magnetic poetry.


  • Amy 5 years ago

    What a great first post! You're on your way, kid! :)

  • Shari 5 years ago

    Yeah we're proud of you.....

  • alyssa 5 years ago

    Very nice...i agree with this=) im now going to try this make your own poetry thing! it might be fun! great first post=D

  • Megan 5 years ago

    Great article! I think I'll really love reading your stuff.


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