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WFGX-TV uses another program normally shown by WEAR-TV to fill their TV schedule

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On Sunday, May 18th, WFGX-TV used a weekend edition of "The Insider", a syndicated entertainment news program that was usually broadcast locally by only their companion station* WEAR-TV, along with an edition of "Raw Travel", a weekly syndicated program about traveling, instead of paid commercial programming (or "infomercials") to bridge their broadcast of a theatrical movie from the live network feed of the national TV programming service ThisTV (the movie "Suspect" from 1987) with their broadcast of a syndicated episode of the dramatic program "Private Practice" since the movie was expected to end about one hour before the time usually started broadcasting "Private Practice" on a weekly basis (4:00 p.m.).

*WFGX-TV and WEAR-TV are members of the same company, the Sinclair Broadcast Group. They also operate from the same building in Pensacola, Florida.

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