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WFAN's Mike Francesa calls weather forecasters 'liars' for Memorial Day forecast

In a recent tirade on his radio show, WFAN's Mike Francesa called meteorologists and weather forecasters liars, saying that they purposely fib about the holiday weekend forecasts in the summer.

Memorial Day forecast for the Northeast.
Memorial Day forecast for the Northeast.
Photo courtesy of, used with permission
The Memorial Day weather forecast across the nation.
Photo courtesy of, used with permission

Really, Mike? Do you really think that we honestly lie about the forecast just to get people outdoors or to fill resorts? I'm not sure if this is a joke or not. I can tell you for sure that I have never lied about any forecast that I have put out, and I absolutely see no reason to be dishonest to the public. I also don't know any other meteorologist who engages in this practice. There is simply no reason to.

"Remember, any summer holiday weekend...they lie about forecast," he said on Thursday, via The Big Lead. "They will always say one day is going to be brilliant sunshine even if it's not, because they want to get you wherever you're supposed to go."

And another thing, we do know what the weather is going to be like on Monday and we have known for a few days now. Your comments on Thursday would have put Monday in very good range for us to have decent confidence in the forecast. Of course, things do always change, but more often than not...the forecast is right.

Francesa went on to say,

"So now they [meteorologists] tell you Monday is going to be beautiful, even though they have no idea if Monday is going to be beautiful. They tell you that now because they want you to buy into the weekend and continue with your plans and fill up the resorts and everything else."

Are you listening to yourself?? We have no special interest in the resorts filling up. I don't get any kick-backs from resort owners who have full occupancy for the holiday weekend. More often than not, people are going to go away for the weekend regardless of the weather forecast. Are people really naive enough to believe this to be true?


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I've got some advice for you, Mike. Stick to sports because your opinion on the weather forecast...well, we could do without that. Until you go to school and earn a meteorology degree, keep your mouth shut. End of rant.

Oh and have a nice holiday weekend. I hope it doesn't rain on your resort trip. Enjoy the brilliant sunshine, I'm looking at it out my window right now!

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