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WEtv is casting brides for upcoming season

WEtv is casting for brides for several of their wedding shows for the upcoming season.
WEtv is casting for brides for several of their wedding shows for the upcoming season.

If you ever wanted to share your wedding experience with the world, you have several chances to appear on one of WEtv's various wedding series.

If you live in the greater NY metro area, Los Angeles, or Dallas, David Tutera's "My Fair Wedding" is casting for its upcoming season.

If you have a wedding budget of $300,000 or more, then "Platinum Brides" wants to hear from you.

"Rich Brides, Poor Brides" is looking for dynamic couples who want to share their wedding story.

"Bridezillas" is also looking for those really wedding-crazed brides who are getting married between now and May, 2010 for their upcoming season as well.

On the other hand, if you know of a Bridezilla and want to get back at her, WEtv is also casting for a new web series. Isn't revenge sweet?

If you're willing to pick your gown at Stardust Celebrations bridal salon in Plano, Texas, "Girl Meets Gown" is looking for brides who want to find her dream dress.

You can find the application criteria, links and information on each show here.

Happy casting!


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