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Wet Weather Apparel


Good morning Miami! I'm Katie, your weather girl and here's your weekend update:

I'm taking a stand against flip-flops. Let's knock the ridiculous out of ourselves, and realize that it's okay to own a pair of closed toe shoes. Yeah we live in a state where humidity and heat waves are the regular, but along with that comes a month of cold fronts and the season especially pertaining to our great state featuring lots of hurricanes.

Sick of cold and soggy toes, and envious of how northern states regularly break out their weather gear when appropriate, Miami's about to get schooled in wet weather apparel. Unlike Uggs, rain boots are a little more suited for SoFlo. My match was from, but even has an insane collection with vintage graphics, animal prints, and the classic fisherman yellow.

Refreshing enough as it is to have new shoes to throw into our collections, comes matching accessories to create your own rainy-day style. Joy. Nifty little umbrellas and rain-coats can fit you if you’re more into easy to wear or fun and trendy. Pair them off with your usual shorts/skirts/dresses, sheer patterned tights, and of course sunglasses so you don't feel so out of place. Guys are lucky enough to just stick with the basic coat and rain kicks. I'm digging the play on weather wear. Spare yourself from a heavy dose of Robitussin and invest in the right threads for the season. 





Cover up. It's going to be a wet one this weekend. 


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