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Wet Hair, Don't Care! Mika Fowler Shares Tips for Styling Wet Hair This Summer

Style wet hair with frizz free ease!
Style wet hair with frizz free ease!
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As we all know (and love), summer brings many days spent at the beach, pool parties and all around sunny vacation fun! Celebrity Hair Stylist, Mika Fowler has lent us some of her expert tips and provided us with a look that is perfect for you to wear when your hair is wet. No more sopping wet, sloppy tresses for you! This look will have stylishly chic for the pool parties and beach days. Below is a step by step tutorial on this look.

Summer Twist

  1. Part two front sections of the hair and keep them separate from the rest of the hair.
  2. Using bobby pins begin to secure the hair close to the nape.
  3. Grab about one inch of hair from each side and twist it towards the back of the head and secure.
  4. Connect the two sides with a bobby pin at the center.
  5. Continue twisting the rest of the hair (one piece at a time) and adding it to the ‘do and securing with a bobby pin.
  6. Once every piece is twisted and added on, it will be complete!

Besides this gorgeous style, Mika shares her tips for achieving frizz free hair this summer:

Mika's Frizz Free Tips:

  1. Invest in haircuts regularly, you shouldn’t go more than 8 weeks without a trim because frizzy hair only tends to frizz up more when there are split ends.
  2. Deep Conditioning treatments are a must, I suggest that my clients come in to the salon from time to time for my 3 step deep conditioning treatment but for the ones that cannot make the trip as often need to invest in at home products that they can use in the shower once a week.
  3. When getting out of the shower you do not want to rub down your hair when it’s wet but you rather squeeze it dry with a microfiber towel or cotton towel. Your hair is so sensitive when it is wet and this will not strain it.
  4. Invest in the appropriate hair brush for your hair type and style goal. It is important to note that certain brushes are used for different outcomes, this will help in keeping your hair frizz free when trying to achieve a certain look.
  5. Lastly, you want to choose the right products for your hair type. There are serums, milk products, crème’s and all react differently to your hair type so do you research. Also, brands like Joico, have products like the Joico Humidity Blocker which assists with this very issue and is used as a styler to give you that extra frizz free protection. Use smoothing or glossing serum: Smoothing serums, as well as leave-in conditioners, coat the hair shaft, reducing frizz. Some of these products are heavy and can weigh your hair down too much. Use sparingly until you discover the right amount of the product to use for your hair.
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