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Westminster Kennel Club adds new tricks and breeds to this year's show

medium-sized wire-haired Portguese podengo
medium-sized wire-haired Portguese podengo

This year dogs at the Westminster Kennel Club Show won’t just be running around the show ring, but will have the opportunity to compete in the event’s first ever agility contests. The competition, open to mixed breeds will feature 255 canines running through tunnels, jumping thrugh tires and teeter totters along an 80-130 foot long obstacle course that includes a 5-foot raised plank.

“This can be quite scary for a dog,” noted the show’s agility director Paul Campanella, who added that some of the jumps will be 26” high.

The agility competition will take place February 8th at Manhattan’s Pier 94, while the main Dog Show will be held Feb. 10-11 at Madison Square Garden (and the Pier). This year’s Westminster Show will include more than 3,000 dogs representing 187 different breeds, including three new additions; the Chinook (working group), Rat Terrier (terrier group) and both smooth and wire-haired Portuguese podengo pequenos (hound group).

For more information about the show contact the Westminster Kennel Club at 149 Madison Ave., Suite 402, NY, NY 10016 212 213-3165.