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Westminster dog show: Mixed breeds invited to purebred event, new breeds added

The Westminster dog show is no longer as canine snobby as this seminal event once was. Now mixed breeds are being invited to join in on the doggie program with a special event conceived just for these mutts. In addition, three new breeds have been included by the Westminster Kennel Club.

Westminister dog show includes mixed breeds in 2014: Presenting the labradoodle
Getty Images/Yana Paskova

According to Yahoo! News on Jan. 15, this "noticeable embrace" puts the Chinook, the Portuguese podengo pegueno and the rat terrier on the roster.

In addition, the Westminster dog show will have mixed breeds like the beloved labradoodle and the ever-so-sweet puggle, among others that call more than one kind canine as his or her parent, on the docket for a new agility trial.

"We're very excited about the fact that Westminster can play a leadership role in embracing, really, the sport of dogs," claims Westminster president Sean McCarthy. This dog-worthy spokesperson is including mixed breeds in his assessment about the annual event that takes place starting on Feb. 10.

By way of background, this preeminent dog show has not featured mixed breed dogs in recent years. However, in the beginning of the 138-year-old event, these mutts were part of the mix.

And so, as the Westminster dog show gears up to begin next month, mixed breeds have been invited to the purebred event with three kinds of new breeds added to the roster. Now it's time to jump up and down for any being who happens to fit in any of these new canine categories. Ruff, ruff.

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