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Westmeadow Man

sunlight on the facade
sunlight on the facade
J. Bauer

In the Shadow of Pike's peak in Southern Colorado Springs one apartment, near Westmeadow off of South Academy, holds something strange in store for its tenants.

Southern apartments hold more than shadows
J. Bauer

Seen usually after dark out in the meadow behind the apartments, but sometimes in the kitchen standing on the bar counter, a shadowy little man is watching you.

Seen even by non believers, this little man emanates a feeling of terror and a need to get away from his shadowy gaze.

Knocking on the doors, bumping the bed around the foot or right near their faces, it shuffles through the rooms. Residents have been even more horrified that it sometimes calls them by name in that sing-song voice used by people searching for their children.

People feel it brushing up against the backs of their legs and tugging their clothes like an annoying child but this thing is no child and probably never was.

One resident resorting to circling his apartment edges with salt and holy water and claims this works as long as he was in his apartment but still sees the thing outside in the tall grass and snowdrifts.

Not your usual haunting, some psychic residents claim it never was human. But more likely the Shadow people associated with demons or elementals. It means no good but has caused no harm other than poltergeist-ing the pictures off the walls and spooking the pets.

At least, not yet.