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Westfield Century City food court

Indoor and outdoor dining add to your non-food emergency dining experience.
Indoor and outdoor dining add to your non-food emergency dining experience.

The thought of eating in a mall food court should scare anyone trying to maintain a specific weight and stay in beach body shape. Pizza, pasta, tacos, Chinese food, and ice cream are the usual suspects in your average mall food court. However if you find yourself in Westfield Century City mall on Santa Monica Blvd. and you need to eat, it does not have to be a food emergency.

The mall itself has a very open market feel that is reminiscent of an open air market only with stores. The food court is equally as welcoming, all of the food stands are inside, but in addition to the inside seating there is a patio that gives customers the option to sit outside while they eat. As for the food, salad, sandwiches, Japanese grilled meats, Hawaiian BBQ, with brown rice and un buttered vegetables, Coral Tree Café with its whole wheat, mayo free, and numerous organic options are only a few of the delicious but not diet damaging foods in the food court. If you want a little more formal environment before or after your movie or shopping experience there is the Ummba Grill Brazilian restaurant which focuses on grilled meats of hormone free meat cuts and cage free chicken. Stay away from the macaroni and cheese and the very enticing drink specials and you will enjoy your meal and your figure after dining.

Good food, nice environment, 3 hours free parking, Westfield Century City is definitely a good idea for your next post group run hangout.