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Western & Southern Open prize money for women tennis players in 2014

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The following is a list of the prize money that women tennis players earned at the 2014 Western & Southern Open, which is taking place from August 11-17, 2014, on the outdoor hard courts at the Linder Family Tennis Center in Mason, Ohio.

I've also listed how much the prize money has increased for each round over last year. As you can see below, the Western & Southern Open must doing pretty well, as the prize money has increased by substantial amounts for every round for women tennis players in 2014.

Despite the large increases, the women tennis players are paid significantly less prize money than the men tennis players are. The overall prize money for the women this year is $2.6 million. A nice sum, but only 65% of the prize money for the men at the 2014 Western & Southern Open.

All prize money shown below is not cumulative. Players only earn the amounts shown for the last round they advance to.

Western & Southern Open prize money for women tennis players in 2014

The winner of the 2014 Western & Southern tennis tournament on the women's side will earn $467,300. That's up 9.7% above the $426,000 that Victoria Azarenka won wehn she won the tournament last year.

  • Runner-up - $227,000

The runner-up at this year's Western & Southern Open will earn $227,000. Up 6.6% over the $213,000 that Serena Williams earned as runner-up in 2013.

  • Semis - $113,770

The two semi-final losers will each earn $113,770. Up 8.6% above the $104,700 paid out last year.

  • Quarterfinals - $54,170

Reaching the quarters was worth $54,170. Up 10.5% over $49,040 last year.

  • Third round - $28,000

Reaching the third round was worth $28,000 at the Western & Southern Open for women in 2014. Up 18% over $23,730 last year.

  • Second round - $13,370

Reaching the second round was worth $13,370 in 2014. Up 9.6% over $12,200 last year.

  • First round - $7,215

Just for showing up in the first round this year was worth $7,125 for women tennis players. Up 11.3% over $6,400 last year.