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Western Mass team, Ryan Road Films, take on social pathology in Brick House

Brick House Web Series
Brick House Web Series
Brick House, Ryan Road, Ben Fraser, Tyler Geis

When Europeans came to the “New World” They brought diseases and alcohol. The indigenes had no defenses and were long at a disadvantage to the newcomers.

Today, all humanity faces, if not a similar problem, the same unreadiness as the natives of the Americas. There were no preparedness courses decades before the Internet arrived. It is almost if one day it was not here and the next, boom.

Many aspects are benign and welcome. Others are problematic. The web series Brick House deals with something not too many are covering, the effect an ocean of pornography is having on some, well many web users.

This is a micro budget series, but it is not a no budget series and no one can make something out of nothing. Ben Fraser, writer and director and Tyler Geis and their crew can make something out of little. This is where the world comes in.

The lads have an Indiegogo campaign set up. They have laid out what the series is about, who is going to be in it and who is making it. There is a set of perks for the donors.

Team Brick House is not asking for a lot, but they do need help. So mosey on over to the Indiegogo page and watch the pitch. It is well done.

The Indiegogo page is here.

Brick House web site is here

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