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Westboro Baptist Church's 'Duck Dynasty' diss: Drama stirs ahead of premiere

Will the Westboro Baptist Church derail 'Duck Dynasty's' success?
Will the Westboro Baptist Church derail 'Duck Dynasty's' success?
Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

There's been a lot of controversy over the Robertson family of late, though some may find the Westboro Baptist ChurchDuck Dynasty” viewpoint a bit surprising. After all, wouldn't the controversial comments from Phil Robertson seem right in line with what the WBC typically says? The Inquisitr covered the latest on Jan. 13.

Fans of “Duck Dynasty” know that Phil Robertson shared some strong opinions on homosexuality and race in a recent GQ interview. The WBC is, of course, known for their outrageous hate of homosexuality, and they make a living off of stirring up trouble in any situation they can link to homosexuality, even if the link is a stretch at best. Some would think, then, that the Westboro Baptist Church would love “Duck Dynasty.” Apparently not necessarily.

While the WBC seemingly supports what Robertson said in the interview, they also apparently think that “the Phil Robertson's [sic] of this wicked generation are the very reason that f*gs run this nation” and that the country is “hurtling toward her destruction.” Never one to miss an opportunity for a protest, it seems the Westboro Baptist Church's “Duck Dynasty” distaste runs deeply enough that they plan to protest the A&E offices on Feb. 1.

Season 5 of “Duck Dynasty” premieres on A&E Wednesday, Jan. 15. The premiere is surely going to give A&E some huge ratings once again, even if the Westboro Baptist Church's “Duck Dynasty” position tries to turn viewers away. Will the recent Phil Robertson issues help or hurt the ratings? Fans remain excited to have the show back, and it all begins Wednesday evening.