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Westboro Baptist Church run out of town during protest in Moore

Members of Westboro Baptist Church were run out after just 8 minutes of picketing in Moore, Okla. On April 7 Huffington Post reported on the spectacle on Broadway Street in the small town of Moore. Members of the group blamed the tornado deaths last year on "God's wrath" and donned their usual anti-gay picket signs.

Apparently members of Westboro Baptist Church had made their way to Moore just to let residents know again that the Tornado last year was the wrath of God. They believe that lives were lost because of the United States unwillingness to turn away from sin.

Known for protesting at funerals, sporting events and pretty much anywhere else that will get them press, Westboro Baptist Church is still at it. Even after the death of their founder and leader, members of the church are still spreading the hate.

The group had a permit to protest that was good for a half hour. They were there on time for a 2 p.m. protest but so was their opposition. According to the counter-protesters, their stint lasted just 8 minutes before Westboro Baptist Church members took off.

After the embarrassing protest, members of the group posted video showing the event. They failed to mention that the residents of Moore ran them right out.

Due to the requirement of gaining a permit to protest, many are alerted ahead of time. This has started a trend of counter-protesters at many Westboro Baptist Church sightings. Many gather at the funerals where members are expected to be and block them from disrupting grieving families. These counter-protests have been so successful that oftentimes the "church" doesn't even bother to show up.

The day was certainly a success, just not for Westboro Baptist Church. Many are urged to stand in opposition of the hatemongers. Just please not that when participating in a counter-protest, don't get too close and certainly never touch them. WBC makes their money from lawsuits and the founding family is made up of lawyers.

Would you ever take part in a WBC counter-protest? Do you feel that they should be allowed to continue showing up to devastating natural disasters and high profile funerals to spread their message? Leave your comments below.

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