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Westboro Baptist Church protests at churches near the Golden Globes

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The Westboro Baptist Church members took to Glendale, California, at churches in the vicinity of the Golden Globes to protest multiple topics on Sunday, according to a UPI report on Monday. The group traveled to Glendale to protest at several churches.

The group which is known for picketing at soldier’s funerals to display their hate of gay marriage and abortion held signs that displayed their hate of other things as well. The clearly displayed a hate for Hollywood in this latest protest.

They were at the Salem Lutheran Church and School, Glendale Presbyterian Church, Holy Family Catholic Community, and the Glendale Presbyterian Church – all located in Glendale.

At the Salem Lutheran Church, the several protesters who played music and held disparaging signs against gays, the Hollywood elite, and more were met by hundreds of persons who blocked them so that church members could enter their church less disturbed by the protest.

It is believed that the locations were selected to protest the Golden Globes and Hollywood, in general. Additionally, the protesters have a penchant for choosing locations that will give them much exposure to the public.