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Westboro Baptist Church: Planning to picket Robin Williams' funeral

The Westboro Baptist Church is planning to picket Robin Williams' funeral.
The Westboro Baptist Church is planning to picket Robin Williams' funeral.

The Westboro Baptist Church is targeting Robin Williams' family. They are currently planning to picket the late actor's funeral. According to a Saturday, August 16 report by The Sydney Morning Herald, the Westboro Baptist Church is picketing Robin Williams' private memorial because of his role of a gay man in “The Birdcage.”

The family of Robin Williams are planning to hold a private funeral. Despite that, the Westboro Baptist Church is still planning to protest. Normally, they threaten to picket public memorial services for celebrities. There is little doubt that counter-protesters will also make an appearance.

Robin Williams passed away on Monday, August 11. It is believed that he took his life. He died of asphyxia after a very long battle with both depression and addiction. Williams had been in a rehab program less than a month before his death.

“They just won't go away,” Keith Williams, a fan of Robin Williams from Oklahoma City, said. “The Westboro Baptist Church will do whatever it takes to spread hate. Too bad for them that there are millions of others who loved Robin Williams who will support his family.”

The Westboro Baptist Church is believed to be a hate group by many people. They have become famous by picketing funerals of celebrities, military members and almost anyone else who does not believe exactly as they do. They are opposed to homosexuality and everyone who does not want death and destruction to homosexuals.

The WBC is made up mostly of members of the Phelps family. They fund their protests by money they have won in lawsuits against those who oppose them. It is believed that there are less than 50 members of the Westboro Baptist Church.

“The Westboro Baptist Church freaks were taught a lesson when they came to Moore,” Lisa Perry, from Moore, said. “They showed up and quickly ran away. We won't put up with their nonsense. I'm sure folks will be around Robin Williams' funeral and take care of business as well.”

It is unknown if the Westboro Baptist Church will actually make an appearance at Robin Williams' funeral. They are almost as well known for making threats to protest at funerals as they are for actually protesting the services. There have been several high profile funerals they have failed to protest. There have also been many funerals they attempted to picket, but were stopped by others.

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