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Westboro Baptist Church: Moore residents make the WBC run away

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The Westboro Baptist Church showed up for a protest in Moore, Oklahoma, but didn't stay long. The WBC members were forced by counter protesters to get in their vehicles and flee. According to an April 7 report by the Huffington Post, the Westboro Baptist Church had a permit to picket for 30 minutes.

The Westboro Baptist Church had planned to picket at the Central Junior High School in Moore for thirty minutes. They stood in the rain, holding their hate-filled signed that read “God Hates F**s.” They shouted how the May 20 tornado that killed several children was “God's wrath.” Across the street, residents of Moore stood firm.

Despite their permit, the Westboro Baptist Church did not stay the full 30 minutes. The group, known for picketing funerals of soldiers and considered a hate group by many, only picketed for about eight minutes. The residents of Moore forced them to “turn tail” and get out of town.

The police could do little to stop the counter protesters from crossing the street. When the Westboro Baptist Church saw hundreds of Moore residents approaching them, they ran to their vehicles. They quickly left the area without using the remaining 22 minutes of their planned protest.

This is not the first time the Westboro Baptist Church has been forced to leave a protest in Oklahoma. In fact, there have been several times the WBC has threatened to protest, but didn't bother show up. One such time was when the Westboro Baptist Church threatened to picket after the tornado struck Woodward in April of 2012.

According to the Moore Police Department, there were no arrests at the protest. Despite what the Westboro Baptist Church was doing, the Moore residents “remained relatively respectful.”



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