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Westboro Baptist Church hate group at area Dallas schools


  • jossi 6 years ago

    These people have nothing better to do, so they walk around and act like immature hateful homophobes.

  • Kanon 6 years ago

    These are brilliant fellows who are excising a curial right that they have been endowed with. I personally believe they are intelligent fellows and have a great dedication to their goals.

  • Sherri Thornhill-Kaufman County Crime Examiner 6 years ago

    They are a group of brainless morons, led by the biggest nutcase on the planet, Fred Phelps. Get out of Dallas and go back to your backwards, gutless home.

  • Latisha Brown 6 years ago

    I just saw part of a docementury on Fred phelps and his church last friday. I was enraged at what I saw. How can these people even say they are religious and hate on God, and everyone else for that matter? I belive they are just using religion to justify their hatred. I know we are living in some hard times but never did I think the world would be faced with something that wickid. Yes we've had things like Nazi's, KKK, and skinheads, but somehow the westbro baptist church makes those groups seem like amastures. I belive fully in free speak but what that church is doing is just wrong! I do not feel anyone should have to tolerate what they have done! So I say do what Matin Luther King taught fight in non violent manners! No matter our heritage, race, orientation etc we are all Americans it is our diversity that allows us to unite , so we need to fight towards the common good!

  • Mary in Los Angeles 6 years ago

    God bless the Westboro Baptist Church for not backing down in the face of wickedness and Godless adversity. Jesus didn't die on the cross so you can wallow in your favorite sin like a pig in poop. Choose this day whom you will serve ... God or Satan. If God, then repent.

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