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Westboro Baptist Church: Fred Phelps 'excommunication' confirmed

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The Westboro Baptist Church saga has taken an even stranger turn, if that is even possible. Fred Phelps has been excommunicated from the funeral-picketing church he founded. According to a March 16 report by the Topeka Capital-Journal, the excommunication of Fred Phelps was confirmed by Steve Drain, a spokesperson for the Westboro Baptist Church.

This strange news comes after it was made known that Fred Phelps had been placed in a care facility in Shawnee County, Kansas. The name of that facility was not released. Steve Drain later confirmed that Fred Phelps was in the Midland Hospice House. He had been admitted there on Friday, March 14.

The Westboro Baptist Church spokesperson did not give any details as to the health issues that caused Fred Phelps to be placed in a hospice. He only stated that Phelps was “an old man” and that “old people” have health issues.

Despite not having details on the specifics of Fred Phelps condition, it is common knowledge that people are not generally accepted into a hospice program unless they are expected to die. Nathan Phelps, another estranged son, posted on Facebook that his father was close to death. It is quite possible that Fred Phelps is much closer to death than Steve Drain wants to admit.

There are also no details as to why Fred Phelps was kicked out of the Westboro Baptist Church. The estranged son of Phelps, Mark Phelps, confirmed that Fred Phelps was no long the leader of the church. Steve Drain admitted that the church wasn't “organized in the way you think.”

No one outside the church knows why Fred Phelps was kicked out of the Westboro Baptist Church. No one is explaining why he is in a hospice or how long the former Westboro Baptist Church leader has to live. Those will remain a mystery until someone decides to talk, if they decide to talk.