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Westboro Baptist Church founder dead: Fred Phelps dies at age of 84

Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps is dead
Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps is dead
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The founder of the Westboro Baptist Church, Fred Phelps, has died. Phelps, 84, died Wednesday night according to family members. HuffingtonPost shared the details on March 20.

The Westboro Baptist Church is well known for its controversial views on gay people and the extreme measures it goes to in order to make its views known. The WBC has often picketed funerals of dead soldiers, celebrities, or rallied outside of big events. Many see them as the group filled with hate, and the Phelps family is at the center of it all.

Fred Phelps established the WBC in 1955. Though the group was said to have grown to only about 100 members, with the Phelps family being the core of the group, they had a way of making headlines and drew a great deal of criticism.

Information on the situation has been a bit sketchy, but it has been said that Fred Phelps was excommunicated from the church last August. It is said that may have happened because he he called for kinder treatment of fellow members of the Westboro Baptist Church. The WBC has continued its controversial ways even without Fred Phelps at the helm these past few months.

There are many who will not exactly mourn the death of WBC founder Fred Phelps. He and his group had a tendency, most would say, to show just how truly deep hate can brew. What will happen to the Westboro Baptist Church with its founder gone? Some will be interested to watch and see what comes next.