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West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin is a fraud

Manchin reportedly claims to be Pro Life but votes to overturn the Hobby Lobby ruling
Manchin reportedly claims to be Pro Life but votes to overturn the Hobby Lobby ruling
Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Should it surprise anyone that West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, coming from an increasing conservative-voting and Republican-leaning state, that he would pull the old campaign sounding conservative during the election season and go to Washington D.C. and vote like a liberal routine. Of course not, this is the senator who pledged in 2010 to repeal ObamaCare and then voted in early 2011 as senator against repealing ObamaCare.

“West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin (D) has some explaining to do. Although the senator has proclaimed to be pro-life, his recent support of a Democratic bill to overturn the Supreme Court’s ruling on Hobby Lobby v. Burwell, suggests otherwise. This failed legislation would have reversed a decision that protects the Christian company’s religious freedom and avoid providing employees abortion-inducing drugs,” Cortney O'Brien wrote yesterday at

In the same article, O'Brien quoted Manchin as offering this empty sophistry justifying his vote in favor of legislatively overturning the Supreme Court ruling in the Hobby Lobby case, “Today, I voted in support of overturning the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision that ruled for-profit companies can opt out of providing contraceptives to their employees because of religious beliefs,” Manchin said. “As Governor and U.S. Senator, I have always fought to protect the sincerely-held religious views of non-profit organizations, like soup kitchens, colleges, hospitals and similar non-profit organizations. However, for-profit corporations do not have the same legal privileges as non-profits, and therefore they should not have the same protections as non-profits recognized by law as being a religious organization. This legislation strikes a balance between allowing non-profit organizations to hold onto their religious views while ensuring that Americans have access to safe, affordable and reliable preventative health benefits.”

The reasoning is bogus, because the mandate to pay for providing abortion-inducing drugs for employees clearly violated the religious values of the family that owns Hobby Lobby and as such, clearly violated their First Amendment rights of freedom of religion. They don't lose their religious rights under the First Amendment just because they choose to run a for-profit business rather than a non-profit one. These were not birth control pills involved in this ruling, because Hobby Lobby pays for 16 different types of birth control, it is only the four types of abortion-inducing drugs that they do not cover.

O'Brien further wrote, “I don’t understand how someone who considers himself pro-life can add his name to this bill. The drug ella, one of the four contraceptives Hobby Lobby refused to offer employees, can cause the demise of an embryo already implanted in its mother's womb, according to the Family Research Council.”

While Senator Manchin may claim to be Pro-Life, as he once claimed to be against ObamaCare, his actions in both voting for the overturning of the Hobby Lobby ruling, and his voting against the repeal of ObamaCare, both prove that he can't be trusted to stand behind his word. His word is worthless.

“We're waiting for an explanation, Mr. Manchin,” O'Brien wrote. It's doubtful there will ever be an explanation. If he can break his promise on repealing ObamaCare and still get reelected, why would feel obligation to explain his vote on overturning the Hobby Lobby ruling?

His broken promise on voting to repeal ObamaCare shows a lot about the integrity, or the lack of it, of this senator. Manchin ran for the senate on a pledge to repeal ObamaCare, because he said it was too far reaching. The voters of West Virginia believed him and elected him as senator in the special election in 2010 to replace the late Senator Robert Byrd. Yet on February 2, 2011 in one of his earliest votes as a senator, on Repealing the Federal Health Care Law (known as ObamaCare), Manchin voted “nay” and voted against repealing ObamaCare. He broke one of the most prominent campaign promises he made in the campaign of 2010, one that likely made all the difference in allowing him to win 53.5 percent of the vote against Republican nominee John Raese.

Joe Manchin is a fraud. I doubt he ever intended to repeal ObamaCare or even vote for repealing it. He quite likely just said that to be elected and figured he could vote against repealing ObamaCare, as he did, and the voters would forget about it. Apparently, they did, because they reelected this fraud two years late in the 2012 election by a larger margin than that by which he was elected in 2010 in the special election. He lied to them, and they rewarded him with a full six year term as Senator.

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