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West Virginia bred rescue TB gets a chance

She is blossoming into a beautiful lady
She is blossoming into a beautiful lady

 A little Thoroughbred filly was born, father Deputy Rummy, and mother Patti's Lass. Parents both Jockey club registered so she was meant to run. She saw the light somewhere in May, but it so happened to be, she only saw it with one eye…

The little filly was born with only one eye. This is very rare, yet this was the second time the local vet saw that phenomenon in a very short time. Since the breeder was only interested in money, he did not even bother to give her a name and certainly did not want to take a chance with her. 8 months old and she already had destined a very short life… Sold to the meat man she was heading for her last destiny in Canada. The horrible conditions during transport and the terrible treatment at the plant was the last she was bound to see in her baby life…

 But luckily destiny had other plans for her! A lady and her daughter, from Virginia, saviors for the lucky horses that they take under their wing … The filly was noticed by these wonderful people and they were determined to rescue her from the claws. Since she was already sold to the meat man, they had to bargain with him. He even wanted to make a profit off of these guardian angels and asked double the money! Luckily they did not back down and saved a life! So the filly grew up in the rolling fields of Virginia where she could be a horse, like nature intended. She had given a chance for a life! Now she got the chance to do what fillies do.

Because the lady and her daughter already had a lot of horses (their own and other rescues) they decided to find her a loving home with somebody who would let the filly grow to her full potential. And this filly did have some potential: since she had already jumped the 4’6” high fence for the grass on the other side, when she wasn’t even two years old! Soon enough somebody replied to the ad on A woman from West Virginia with enough experience to deal with a young horse and certainly enough love for this filly! It clicked very well and the filly was going back to her home state of WV. Back in WV she is now home where she is happy… She gets enough love and she is slowly being trained with groundwork. This summer she will turn 3 and old enough to slowly start riding. She is starting to develop into a very pretty lady who loves to show herself off. The filly turns out to be a very good character: very calm, not afraid of anything but very forward and loves to jump. She has beautiful paces… Her new loving owner will start her with dressage but has jumping plans for her as well when she gets older. This filly is a prospect that has given a chance!

Are you thinking of buying a horse? Please consider adopting one! There are a lot of unwanted horses in the US. Slaughtering horses is not allowed in the US anymore. Contrary of what you might think this is a good thing since most slaughter houses treat the animals very inhumane. Slaughter export of horses to Canada and Mexico now often happens; the slaughterhouses there send most of the meat to Europe and Asia. The slaughter export is a terrible experience; a lot of horses brake legs and get other injuries. This is not how we want to treat beautiful animals is it? Animals that have served us for hundreds of years and still is one of man’s best friend! They deserve better. We don’t eat cats and dogs, so why horses? But yes, there is the problem of unwanted horses now too. But this is due not only because closing of slaughter houses (it is to easy to jump to that conclusion) a lot of unwanted horses are home bred or so called ‘accidents’! People who tend to forget that a cute foal like that has a big chance of ending up neglected and/ or abused because it is ‘to much’.

Luckily there are a lot of horse rescue that save horses…But they need our help: donations, volunteers but most impotantly, when buying a new horse, first consider rescuing one! Like the filly here, there are a lot of rescue horses with a lot of potential! They just need another chance… To find a horse rescue near you just type 'Horse rescue' and your state in any search engine and a lot will come up. Also, has a lot of listings for horses and other animals.

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