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West Springfield man identified who killed himself in Baystate ER parking lot

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Police have identified the man who was in a four hour standoff in a Springfield, Massachusetts hospital emergency room parking lot on Tuesday night. The standoff ended when the 54-year-old man, identified as Eddie Bonafe of West Springfield, took his own life shortly after midnight, according to USA 9 on Feb. 19.

The incident started in West Springfield where Bonafe shot his wife and then drove her to Baystate Medical Center in Springfield. The medical staff came out and got his wife, who was suffering from a gunshot wound.

Bonafe then returned to the parking lot and sat in his red Fiat. Police released a statement on their Facebook page saying that the man, who was unidentified at that time, had shot his wife after an argument.

Bonafe sat in his car with a gun to his head as police tried to negotiate with him in what is being called a “four-hour standoff” with police. This was to no avail. The man took his own life by pulling the trigger. Bonafe was taken into the emergency room and worked on, but his injury was too severe and he was pronounced dead.

His wife is in the hospital and listed in good condition. She has been cooperating with the police today, according to authorities. West Springfield Police report that Eddie Bonafe was known to them, but they did not reveal in what capacity he is known to the police force.