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West Side Market is the spot for ethnic food in Ohio City

Inside the Market
Inside the Market
Zachary R. Siler

Cleveland is a city that has experienced a lot over the years. One thing has endured the hardships had in this city of the rust-belt: food. Clevelanders take pride in their myriad of restaurants that exhibit the many cultures this immigrant city has to offer. The juncture for these epicurean articles will be the famous West Side Market. This historic food mecca represents the very heart and soul of Cleveland: high-quality products that have undertones to the immigrant past.

Walking through one will see Eastern European meat stand, fruit vendors, and artisan bread stands and even a vendor making crepes to enjoy while perusing the more than 100 stalls. Any visitor to Cleveland should be recommended to visit this cultural, architectural, and food achievement. If you want to see the true Cleveland, visit the West Side Market. 

Find the West Side Market at the Corner of West 25th and Lorain