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West Palm Beach teen found guilty of shooting retired K-9 shepherd Drake

Rest in peace Drake. Thank you for your service.

A West Palm Beach teen, tried as an adult, has been found guilty of shooting a retired K-9 German shepherd during a burglary, in November 2012 at the Quartz Terrace home of Florida State Trooper Robert Boody, reported

Ivins Rosier, 17, one of three teens who broke into the home, was looking for firearms. Rosier was found guilty of animal cruelty, armed burglary, and shooting into an occupied building.

Once inside the home, Rosier and his accomplices shot the five-year-old dog several times.

In a most courageous battle to save Drake's life, local veterinarian Ken Simmons tried everything he could, including flying the five-year-old German shepherd to the University of Florida in Gainesville for additional tests and surgery. Sadly Drake's injuries were too severe, and the decision was made to humanely euthanize him.

Drake suffered from broken limbs, bullet wounds to his head and jaw, and severe blood loss.

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Rosier turned down a previous plea agreement which would have offered him a 20 year jail sentence. He now faces up to 50 years in prison, however his defense attorneys plan to appeal, stating the decision to try him as an adult is a violation of his rights to be sentenced as a juvenile. Rosier was 15 at the time he confessed to the crimes.

The other teens are still awaiting trial.

Although Drake was a K-9 officer, Rosier was not charged with killing a police officer because the dog had been retired. Florida law does not treat K-9 officers the same way as humans.

Since the tragic loss of Drake, a partner Officer Boody will never forget, a two-year-old German shepherd and Malinois mix has become part of the team. Read about Officer Boody's heartwarming story of his new partner Tony.

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