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West Oak Lane crash sends three to hospital

Cheltenham crews get to work at the crash scene.
Cheltenham crews get to work at the crash scene.

Philadelphia and Cheltenham fire crews were dispatched to a serious car accident at Limekiln Pike and Cheltenham Ave, just before noon on July 17 2014. When crews got there,they found one male , had exited his car and was sitting dazed on the side walk. The driver of another vehicle was heavily trapped in his vehicle, as it was wedged in between two vehicles in the parking lot of Walgreens.

One of those vehicles was occupied by a lady who was still in her vehicle. She sustained an injury ,police said. The one vehicle that was parked unattended sustained heavy damage. The owner, a woman was belligerent to anyone that would try to help her, She just kept asking what to do? When she was answered, she yelled at people.

This crash scene sits on the county line between Philadelphia and Montgomery County. So while Cheltenham Fire Company. police were dispatched first and went to work quickly, Philadelphia units were not far behind. The volunteers from Cheltenham got the person out of the vehicle in a short amount of time.

Then came Philly cops who spent more time worrying about who was taking photos than they did investigating the crash. When their there, he then directed the officers to tape up the scene. The jurisdiction of who is handling the crash is determined by where the where the impact happened. This impact took place on the Philadelphia side of the road,. While the cause of the accident is a driver that ran a red light, police now have to determine which driver did so.

The crash happened just before noon. Cheltenham Ave remained closed for at least two hours while the vehicles were removed.