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West Nile Virus: Fort Worth says "No Spray"

Hungry mosquito gorging itself on a human host.
Hungry mosquito gorging itself on a human host.
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It seems like the outdoors is becoming a very unwelcome place. Fort Worth area daytime temperatures are regularly in the triple digits and come night-time, the mosquitoes are after you with a vengeance. We are only half way through what has come to be known as mosquito season - and already there are a number of deaths directly attributed to West Nile Virus. Tarrant County reported its first death on Tuesday, July 31st - an elderly woman who lived in Euless. It is not known if she had any underlying health issues which may have contributed to her here to read more

Although many municipalities in Tarrant County are spraying to reduce the insect numbers, Fort Worth is banking on its residents to keep mosquito numbers down: "Fort Worth’s Code Compliance Department and Neighborhood Education program are reaching out to the community to provide education on the virus, and messaging continues to be circulated at the neighborhood level—including community centers and libraries." here to read more.

There is no vaccine for the disease at this time and there are some symptoms which can alert you to the need for medical attention. These can be as mild as a fever and a slight rash, all the way to neurological problems - and some symptoms could turn out to be here to read more.

So be careful out there. The use of repellent combined with keeping a close watch on standing water around your yard can help everyone get through another hot north Texas summer.

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