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West Hollywood bans sale of wearable fur

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The city of West Hollywood today officially placed a ban on the sale of fur apparel. The ban became one of the first ordinances of its type in the nation.

According to the city's website, the fur ban was enacted to establish West Hollywood as a destination point for cruelty-free and animal welfare events while promoting the ambitious area as the "Humane Capital of the United States."

West Hollywood, a major tourist destination, is known for its uniqueness and colorful nightlife.

The city, an incorporated community within Los Angeles County, is also noted for its fashions.

As stated on the city's website, the term “fur product” applies to "any item of personal attire, clothing or garment, which is composed in whole or in part from the pelt or skin of any animal with its hair, fleece (wool) or fur attached."

Online sales shipped from West Hollywood also fall under the historic ban.

Accessories such as purses and jewelry are exempt from the mandate, as is furniture.

First-time violators will be subject to a $200 fine, plus a $50 administrative fee. A second offense carries a $400 fine and a third transgression of the law will result in an $800 fine, with administrative costs added.

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