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West End Tavern Wednesdays

Looking for a Wednesday night escape? Full time job hunter or savvy deal seekers unite to the West End for a social experience that allows a night out with a light bar tab.

Look no further than Lakewood's West End Tavern when it comes to quality and quantity. With all the amenities such as large high definition televisions for game night, to booths and tables for social gatherings, it is a very social and bustling atmosphere. Expect the bar to be mostly full when you first walk in, which is surprising for a weekday night, but it will quickly become apparent why.

First, Wednesday nights are two dollar "you name it" featuring such name brands as Captain Morgan and Jack Daniels. The "you name it" policy falls under every combination one could dream up - within reason and general good sense. Considering most bars serve well liquors (a.k.a. bottom shelf off brands) brimming with ice and served in a dainty plastic cup and run you about $5 bucks, at West End it's not like that at all and will not get punished for the night's specials, served up in a hearty glass cup that comes shame free.
If "you name it" sounded rather drab, West End also offers up Washington Apple Bombs for a mere $3 dollars, which may or may not be the best bomb deal in Cleveland. However, the best is yet to come, as the true budget seeker will love to hear $1.75 Pabst Blue Ribbon in a 12 oz variety is offered any time at West End. It could be any hour, any day of the week to enjoy this deal especially if Pabst Blue Ribbon tingles your liver.

The low down:
"You Name It" - $2 (customer's choice) including Captain Morgan, Jack Daniels
Washington Apple Bombs - $3 Washington Apple + energy drink added (shot)
Pabst Blue Ribbon (12 oz) - $1.75 any time

One word summary: Valuelicious

For more info: West End Tavern 18514 Detroit Avenue, Cleveland (216) 521-7684‎
Hours: 11:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. Weekdays (Monday - Friday), Saturday 11a.m. – 2:30a.m., and Sunday 10a.m. – 10p.m.



  • Nigel Phibsly 5 years ago

    I'm a big fan of Wednesday night drinking, and West End Tavern is a great place to go for that. With PBR's at $1.75, what's not to love?

  • Eric "the sledgehammer" Fiske 5 years ago

    Sounds like a good time. If Mike Fulton is there you can definitely count me in!

  • the manimal 5 years ago

    This guy knows his stuff. I'd follow Mike Fulton into war with his thrifty yet witty quips.

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