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West Coast hip hop icon, Digital Wes, uplifts his community through music

Digital Wes
Digital Wes

When you have natural talent and realize your gift at an early age, the key to being successful when you're older is to go after that gift while you are young to make it blossom. This is how the journey of 22-year-old Wesley R. Harris', better known as Digital Wes, begun.

His spark for music went off at the age of 11 in grandparents' church. "They were both pastors and would bring in a keyboard that me and my cousin would play on after church, and ever since then I've been making music," Wes said.

Due to his age, his funds were very limited, but he needed a producer. He didn't let that stop him though, so he 'made a way out of no way' and produced his tracks himself which led him to several career opportunities in his teen and early adult years. Just to name a few of his accomplishments, he had an opportunity to mix music for singer Brian McKnight during the course of his studies at the Musicians Institute of Hollywood. He also has a few acting gigs under his belt and has made appearances on Everybody Hates Chris, Cold Case, Lincoln Heights and twice on the final episodes of Outlaw alongside Jimmy Smits.

The young Sacramento native may have accomplished quite a bit at his age, but he is far from done and is just beginning to scratch the surface. He recently performed at the 2014 West Coast Hip Hop Awards, where he is no stranger (being that he performed back in 2012). In addition, he is working on a few new projects which is under wraps. Fans will just have to stay tuned to see what Mr. Wes has up his sleeve.

However, he did mention that he would love to collaborate with Lauryn Hill one day, and we look forward to the day when that will happen. It would be amazing to see two lyrical geniuses on a track together. Another goal of Digital Wes', his ultimate goal, is to give back and help uplift his community to show them that there is a better route, and that they too can make a difference.

Stay tuned to see what Digital Wes has planned for the future by following him on Twitter @RealDigitalWes