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Wesleyan University Davidson Art Center

Outside Davidson Art Gallery Wesleyan University
Outside Davidson Art Gallery Wesleyan University
Joan Russell

The Wesleyan University Davidson Art Center offers exhibits throughout the academic year for students and outside visitor. The last exhibit Planes, Trains and Automobiles were photos of planes, train and autos that showed their speed and use in a metaphorical way. Photos of trains in the American West in tradtional black and white were shown. There were French automobile racing photos by French photographer Jacques Henry Lartigue. This past exhibit had many photographers from their permanent collection like Bernice Abbott, Danny Lyon, and Walker Evans.

Many Wesleyan University students and professors use the Davidison collection for class assignments and research projects. Some students even organize gallery exhibits and other events. Students learn to locate new collections, handle and study about different art mediums. The museum also gives tours to school groups and other organizations. Those interested in joining the Friends of the Davidson Art Gallery can get more information by visiting the website.

The current exhibit on display is called Oral Fixations Drawings by Julie Randall. It runs from March 28 to May 25. For more information on programs and exhibits call 860-685-2500.