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Wesley Snipes is open to do a 'Blade 4'

Today, July 30, according to Cinema Blend, Wesley Snipes is really considering to reprise his role as Blade, the dhampir that fought such villains as Deacon Frost. Snipes told MTV, that he was open to it and he would love to get back into the suit. He also would do things new that he didn't know how to do before and experiment with the role.

With the popularity of superhero movies lately now would be the time to test out if another "Blade" movie would be a good idea. When the movies did come out they were relatively popular and people loved the mix of horror and action together. They also did pretty good at the box office.

While he starred in movies like "Money Train," "Demolition Man," "White Men Can't Jump," his role as Blade is probably one of his most popular roles for most. When "Blade" came out in 1998 it was made for $40 million and when the movie was released in theaters, it made $131 million dollars worldwide. The sequel, "Blade II," made even more money with a 50 million budget, the movie made worldwide $155 million.

Out of the series the third one had to be the worst, the film was made with the most out of series too with 60 million, and it drew in the less than other two with 128 million worldwide. The film itself was mostly hated by viewers and critics alike. At the moment "Blade Trinity," holds a 26% by Rotten Tomatoes. "Blade II," got a 59% while the first movie, "Blade," got a 55%.

You can watch the video where Snipes talks about his role as Blade and his thoughts on coming back to the series here from Cinema Blend.

It will be interesting to see if this will happen and how the series would go to its next step. Only time will tell.

Snipes is currently in the new "Expendables" movie, "Expendables 3."

Do you think that "Blade 4" would be a good idea? Share your thoughts below!

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