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Weruva for felines

Why Weruva, because Two Bostons loves ya!
Why Weruva, because Two Bostons loves ya!
Two Bostons

Two Bostons is more than a dog boutique, they actually cater to the felines of our lives as well. They have food and treats aplenty including Weruva.

If you have never heard of this cat food, you will love it. Their byline is ‘Why? Because Weluvya…WERUVA.’ Catchy, right? Well, it is much more than that.

Weruva is a cat food that is made from delectable human-grade ingredients that allows cat parents to treat their cat like royalty. Cats are quite finicky and Weruva is a way for cat people to spoil their feline friend.

This food is totally grain-free. Its high-moisture, high-quality meat formulas have proven to be ideal for kitties that have continual kidney and urinary tract issues. The product is packaged in BPA-free cans or pouches that retain the moisture of the food and even lock in the nutrients that are so beneficial to your pets.

Since this is a new variety of food for kitties, the funky-yet-functional, retro hip-cat package designs, in combination with the clever recipe names, just beg you to try it out for your hip cat. They have flavors like Asian Fusion, Chick Magnet, Mac, Jack and Sam and Chicken Soup (a new play on the old tag), just to name a few.

Perhaps Weruva is the food that your king or queen cat has been craving and has not been able to tell you. Weruva could improve your cat’s dietary habits in addition to providing them with added nutrients that will help to increase their overall health and well-being. That is what its producers had in mind while creating this fun and funky product variety.

Cats are not easily persuaded in one direction or another. When they find something they like (even if it is the worst food on the market for them), pet parents may have to jump through hoops to persuade them to try something better for them.

Weruva is hoping to avoid all of that. That is why moisture and freshness are two very important qualities that they like to boast. So is the fact that they only use high-quality meat products to make their food. They want pet parents to know that what they are providing you will also want to provide.

Two Bostons only chooses the best of the best and to them Weruva is great. You can find this cat food at either of their two locations: Downtown on Jefferson Street in Naperville or at the Springbrook Mall location off from 75th Street in Naperville.

Check out Weruva for your finicky feline. It could just prove to be the best decision your cat thinks you have ever made!

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